Soulmask responds to great beta reception by launching early access on Steam

In February it reached third place in the Steam Next Fest and looks set to continue its success.

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It's not even half a year since CampFire launched the beta version of its new survival title, Soulmask. Currently, we can use Palworld as an example, we are in a boom moment in this genre and, for the moment, it doesn't seem to change the trend. In February, it placed third in the Steam Next Fest, establishing itself as what we can call an emerging success. In response to the great reception, they brought forward its early access and it is now available. They have also provided more details on what Soulmask looks like in full.

Firstly, the studio promises over 500 hours of gameplay, with exploration and adventure present throughout. As the name says, masks will be an important part of the game, in fact, they are the ones that give powers to each character. It will contain a total of ten masks, each with their own abilities, which will be vital for each strategy and to give identity to the tribe.

In addition, the space will be divided into seven different regions in an area of about 64 square kilometres, each with its own biome (jungle, humidity, volcano...). On the other hand, there are six bosses scattered around the world to defeat, five of them pyramidal, i.e. each time you defeat one, the next one will be more powerful. Finally, the remaining boss will be inspired by a sci-fi character.

Each weapon will be classified into one class or another depending on its characteristics, in fact, there will be eight distinctions including swords, bows, etc. Another highlight is the five different mounts, each of which will allow you to control a creature and thus enrich your journey. There will also be almost 400 ancient relics, various tribes and around 300 building components.

Finally, a private server mode will be added, where more than 100 customisation functions will be available. You will also be able to modify both actions and sounds, making them more or less explicit depending on the depth you want to give to the game. The title is only available on Steam for €26.99.


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