Sony agrees $55 payments in Other OS PS3 lawsuit

If you're living in America and bought a first generation PS3 console, read on.

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If you're among those in the U.S. who bought the first generation PS3 (you know, the big fat one) between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010, then you'll be utterly delighted to hear that Sony may well owe you a few bucks.

How many bucks we hear you shout as you claw open your empty wallet/purse in uncontrollable delight? Well, that depends, as the payments relate to a class-action lawsuit regarding the Other OS.

If you don't know, the Other OS feature allowed players to install an additional operating system on the console, although the functionality was removed from future PS3 models and from existing consoles via a firmware update, a move that annoyed some people enough for them to take legal action against Sony.

If you've never heard of or never used the feature you might still be able to look forward to seeing your bank account swell to the tune of $9. However, if you were one of those that took advantage of the feature, you could be inline to see a payment of $55.

Now that you've steadied yourself on the furniture, if you think that you might be eligible for a payment then we'd suggest that you head this way to find out more about the class-action lawsuit. Payments are expected to start rolling out in March of next year, and in the midst of all this Sony admits no wrongdoing and it should be emphasised that there has been no court ruling.

Sony agrees  payments in Other OS PS3 lawsuit

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