Soma soundtrack now available

Frictional's underwater shocker gets an OST.

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Halloween may be over, but those still looking for a scare should check out the original soundtrack for survival horror game Soma. Scored by Finnish video game composer Mikko Tarmia, the soundtrack features 24 tracks which have been 'tweaked and modified to create the best possible soundtrack release.'

Soma is the latest title from Frictional Games, the developers behind the brilliantly terrifying Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This time around the team brings their unique blend of psychological horror to Pathos II, a derelict underwater research facility where machines begin to develop human characteristics and consciousness.

In our review of Soma we praised its thought-provoking story, murky setting and relentless tension. The game's soundtrack is available now for download and streaming through iTunes, Spotify and other online services.


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GOG.com offers up Soma free of charge

GOG.com offers up Soma free of charge

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