Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs 2 planned for cloud saves to influence crime

Some of UFG's pre-production plans have come to light.

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A recent report into Sleeping Dogs 2, a sequel which was postulated but never even entered production, has revealed that the plans for the sequel were rather ambitious.

It's not surprising that the game would be set in an open world again, with Wei Shen returning, and it would have been set in China's Pearl River city. Shen would also then have a corrupt partner called Henry Fang, and both points of view would be used.

There was also a co-op feature planned, as well as a companion app to influence the game by bringing in helicopters.

The most surprising plan, though, was for "the cloud saves of all players to determine the global neighborhood crime levels across all games, and then mapping that crime to the difficulty level in policing those neighborhoods in the individual's games".

Although these are only in a pre-production document, it still seems pretty optimistic, although who can fault optimism, right? Unfortunately we're unlikely to see any sort of sequel, as developer United Front Games has now closed down. Are these plans you'd like to see put in place though?

Sleeping Dogs

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