Skylanders Superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers is "an epic vehicle adventure"

"It's a seamless blend between on-foot action and all these awesome vehicle fantasies."

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We caught up with Vicarious Visions president Guha Bala at E3, and he had plenty to tell us about this year's Skylanders game, explaining what's new in the latest entry in the popular series.

"So every year we bring something new and innovative to Skylanders. This year it's all about the magic of bringing vehicles to life. So Skylanders Superchargers is an epic vehicle adventure game; over-the-top vehicle fantasies, on land, in the sea, and in the sky."

Bala continued: "So we're not just talking about cars and motorcycles and trucks, we're also talking about boats, submarines, hovercraft, helicopters, jets, planes, UFOs. And it's a seamless blend between on-foot action, the classic Skylanders play that consumers have come to expect, with all of these awesome vehicle fantasies."

In the interview the company president talks about the studio's internal philosophy, as well as offering examples of how the latest game will play when it lands on all major platforms come September.

Skylanders SuperchargersSkylanders SuperchargersSkylanders SuperchargersSkylanders Superchargers

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