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Singularity revealed in Game Informer

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Raven Software's upcoming action title Singularity, first shown as a teaser at Activision Blizzard's off-E3 event this summer, is the main feature in the next issue of American gaming magazine Game Informer.

Quote from Game Informer's info about the issue:

"We blow the lid off of Activision's mysterious Singularity. The developer, Raven, needs no introduction however. The devs from Madison are hard at work on this new sci-fi shooter that features mind-bending gameplay that not only has the player jumping through time, but using it as a weapon (let's see how well an armed enemy does when he's instantly aged into bones and dust!). Set on a small, unnamed island occupied by the Russians, Cold War tensions raise once again when a U.S. pilot discovers the horrific truth that became of experiments with element E99 in the 1950s."

I have to say I'm not entirely convinced, but I'm holding off judgement until I've seen it with my own two buttons...


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