Hi-Fi Rush

Rumour: Hi-Fi Rush to be released for Switch 2

It would explain the lack of the game coming to Nintendo's current console.

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Hi-Fi Rush became a huge hit when it was both announced and released for PC and Xbox during a Microsoft event in January 2023. Yesterday it was revealed that it will also be launched for PlayStation 5 next month, but there was no mention of a Switch version, to the disappointment of many.

But it seems like the Nintendo audience might get to experience the rhythm based adventures of Chai and 808 as well, just not on Switch. According to Insider Gaming, sources says the game is indeed coming, but to Switch 2. This means we must get an official announcement of the new console before a Nintendo version of Hi-Fi Rush will be confirmed.

Unfortunately, it was recently claimed that Switch 2 has been delayed to 2025, so it might be at least a year before Hi-Fi Rush will be playable on a Nintendo format - provided that the rumours are true.

Hi-Fi Rush

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