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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar details the latest update for GTA Online

As we enter a new decade we are greeted with even more content being added into GTA Online, from a new off-road vehicle to online discounts.

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Not only has Grand Theft Auto V just been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass, we've also just got an update on the multiplayer portion of the game.

Starting out the new year with a brand new vehicle, the Rune Zhaba is now available in GTA Online. This new off-road bullfrog vehicle is capable of conquering the land, swamps, beach and more. The Zhaba is available now for purchase through the Warstock Cache & Carry store.

For those of you who enjoy a trip to the virtual casino be sure to give the Lucky Wheel a spin as this week's top prize is a custom Pfister Comet Safari in the exclusive 'It's a wrap' livery. Those of you who are not lucky enough to receive the top prize of the week can still unlock the exclusive livery for your own Comet Safari as long as you play online before January 8.

If you are feeling up for a more social escapade, be sure to give Freemode events a play; games such as King of the Castle, Criminal Damage and Hunt the Beast are all offering triple rewards to anyone who plays until January 8. Also receiving increased payouts are the Business Battles and the Bunker Series, however, these will only be doubled rewards.

Also available throughout this week are a whole variety of discounts, so if you are in the market for a new Penthouse or a new supercar be sure to pick it up before the 8th to save some money.

Lastly, for anyone who has a Twitch Prime account, be sure to link it to your Rockstar Club account and claim some exclusive benefits.

Grand Theft Auto V

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