Rock Band

Rock Band celebrates 5 years

Over 1100 songs discounted!

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Harmonix have announced a massive sale on back catalogue songs for the Rock Band franchise to celebrate its five year anniversary. This sale includes over 1100 songs - almost all the pre-Rock Band 3 DLC (excluding stuff already on sale and free) - with songs and albums selling at half price.

Music is cheap and it's a good time to update your Rock Band library of songs if you're still playing. We can recommend Foo Fighters' "The Colour and the Shape" ($9.99) as Pearl Jam's "Ten" ($8.99) if you're looking for a full album - and well, the list of singles is so exhausting that we don't know where to start.

Updates on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Wii shop are beginning to roll out with the prices expected to change soon if they haven't already.

The message is clear here - rock on!

Rock Band

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