Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Does Roccat's latest effort raise the bar for lightweight ergonomic gaming mice?

Hitting store shelves in the latter part of last year, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra strives to set a new standard for lightweight ergonomic gaming mice. The device follows a string of well-crafted peripherals that have come our way from the German manufacturer and is a successor to the highly-rated Kone Pure Owl-Eye which launched back in 2017.

Although we were provided with the arguably less attractive black variant the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra still made for a fine-looking addition to our gaming setup. The mouse is coated with a sleek matte finish to prevent staining and its fierce big cat logo, located bottom centre, catches the eye and offers RGB lighting whereby you can cycle through a whole rainbow of different colours. The white model, which is the only other colour variant, we found more appealing as its scroll wheel and sides are black, which offers contrast and makes them pop against the body. The black model is, however, much more minimalistic with no other shades present to offer contrast.

The Kone Pure Ultra is also one of the lightest gaming mice currently on the market with it weighing in at a mere 66g (we can't imagine an actual mouse to be much lighter). Its feather-like build enables for swift clicks and rapid movement that is perfect for shooter fans as lightning-fast reflexes are hotly demanded from the genre. The Kone Pure Ultra uses an "innovative internal structure" that brings the weight down. Fortunately, the loss in mass doesn't mark a compromise in build quality as the mouse still manages to feel sturdy and robust. This is a remarkable feat considering that its internals appear to be comprised of just a small circuit board, a scrolling wheel, and the odd chunk of plastic.

The ergonomic design was something that we had to grow accustomed to but we found the Kone Pure Ultra to sit comfortably within our palm for the most part. Something that we struggled to get used to, however, was the thumb groove that sat alongside the side buttons. We found resting our thumb here to cause discomfort over longer periods and to reach the side buttons we couldn't simply slide our thumb upwards due to the shape of the groove. Having larger hands we found the mouse to be on the short side at 11.5cm and lefties should be made aware that the buttons have been catered specifically for right-handed use.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

The button selection here is minimal with just two side buttons and two buttons under the mouse wheel which lends itself well to a more casual crowd that are perhaps looking for a minimal fuss approach to PC gaming. We found each button push, scroll, and mouse click to feel snappy though and there was a definite punch behind each input that we made. It should be noted too that it is versatile and that the few buttons the mouse has can have their uses completely customised within the accompanying Swarm software.

You can grab the aforementioned Swarm software by taking a short trip to the manufacturer's website and registering for an account. It lets you customise your inputs and also tweak how your mouse illuminates by changing colours and the rate it cycles. This is something we would advise you do pretty quickly as out of the box the mouse rapidly flashed through colours like a blinding strobe light. All in all, we found the software to be straightforward and easy to navigate although we never delved too deeply into the more advanced settings that it has to offer.

The mouse features an Owl-Eye 16,000 DPI sensor which makes for rapid cursor movements with only limited physical input from the player. The DPI can be easily adjusted too with the aforementioned Swarm software if you find the higher-end sensitivity a little too twitchy for your liking. Its lift-off distance is also fully adjustable and can be altered to as little as 1mm, but this is dependent on the material of your mousepad or desk surface.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Elsewhere, the two large rubberised pads on its underside (one on the top and bottom) allow the mouse to slide across most surfaces with ease. Just don't be like us and forget to remove the protective layers of plastic before using! The USB cable, however, is a very different story. The cable is a respectable 1.8m in length but its plastic build feels flimsy and cheap, as if it could easily tear or fray as a result of more erratic movements. We did like that it included the Roccat logo near the input, making it stress-free to locate amongst our tangled mess of USB devices.

Available at £59.99 the Kone Pure Ultra finds itself nestled in the same ballpark as many other featherweight competitors but it still manages to put up an admirable fight. The Kone Pure Ultra is certainly much more attractive than competitors such as the Cool Master MM710 or the Glorious Model O - which sport a honeycomb design in an effort to slim down. Some similarly priced gaming mice like the Razer Viper and the aforementioned Model O are ambidextrous, making them more flexible products, and also benefit from having more customisable buttons.

We found the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra to be a pretty impressive beast and it's a peripheral we can easily see being a mainstay within our current PC setup. It packs a lightweight design without feeling cheap and we found its simplistic design, especially the white variant, to be alluring. We did find the thumb groove to cause discomfort though and we can't see it boding well with left-handed gamers and those with larger hands. Still, if you don't fall into these two aforementioned camps then we imagine you would have a hard time trying to find a light-weight ergonomic mouse carrying this level of quality.

Roccat Kone Pure UltraRoccat Kone Pure Ultra
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