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Remember MeScore

Remember Me

REVIEW. Written by Mika Sorvari

"We really hope that Dontnod will continue making games in this exciting universe, but that they open up their concept from what it is now, and give their players more choice."

Remember Me

Remember Me

PREVIEW. Written by Jori Virtanen

"As a sci-fi setting the game piques the interest, but a story line that toys with morality and justification of one's actions is irresistible."

Remember Me

Remember Me

PREVIEW. Written by David Caballero

"You can identify the French refinement and the crazy Japanese style."

Remember Me interview

Remember Me interview

NEWS. Written by Mike Holmes

We caught up with Dontnod and Capcom to find out more about the game that, for many, has been the biggest surprise of Gamescom.



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