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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Release clauses are key in PES 2018 Master League

The mode now adds this important and strategic feature.

With Neymar's transfer to PSG on the horizon, buyout clauses are the talk of football. Like them or loathe them, they're a part of the sport, and as such, they're going digital.

Asked about new features for Master League in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Adam Bhatti told Gamereactor that "a personal [new feature] favourite of mine is the new release clauses". The brand manager then gave us a pretty illustrative example:

"So for example, if I go for a player... If I'm Barcelona now and I want to sign Verratti for example (laughs), and I go to PSG, 'here's 50 million' and they say 'no', you'll get an option to actually pay the release clause. Obviously, if you have enough money and PSG is saying 'if you want to sign him he's 70 million' and then you go -if you have 70 million- you go 'yes', you sign the player".

"I think it's really cool," Bhatti continued during the PES 2018 World Tour, before admitting it won't be easy "to have that kind of money for a lot of players, but I think it's nice to know that there's some kind of transparency in... ugh, 'cause some times you have a favourite player, 'I wish I could sign him'; at least you know how you can".

But the Master League, which is Bhatti's favourite game mode in PES, also adds a couple of new touches based on community feedback:

"What we've brought in is literally is all about what the fans want. So we've brought in pre-season tournaments, that's the first thing. Second thing is brand-new menu design and flow, so it's a brand-new look. We've got a lot more cutscenes, so like really big matches you have a press conference, you'll see scenes from the locker rooms where players are talking to each other..."

We also wanted to learn more about myClub mode, but Bhatti asked us to please wait a couple more weeks:

"myClub we'll get some more announcements as we get closer to Gamescom [...] We're actually looking at different systems", he laughed when we asked about tweaking the black balls, "I think the roulette system will be staying". Besides, things like "real player images" will add for a "much much better presentation".

Which will you play more in PES 2018? Master League or myClub? What do you think of having a release clauses as a feature? Share your thoughts below.

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