Razer Aether Monitor Light Bar

Concentrated light at the front and plenty of gamer RGB at the back.

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Recently I reviewed the so-called "ScreenBar Halo" from BenQ, and it was actually the first time I got acquainted with a so-called "Monitor Light", i.e. a lamp that is placed on top of your monitor and both creates pleasant lighting of your work or gaming space, but where it is claimed that it makes it easier for the viewer to focus on the content.

I realised that the latter is difficult to assess, but that the former is certainly true, and as I write this text, my little desk is illuminated by ScreenBar Halo. Razer also wants in on the action, so they have launched the Aether Monitor Light Bar, which in many ways is a black version of BenQ's product, but where certain luxury aspects have been replaced by old favourites... RGB lighting.

Razer Aether Monitor Light Bar

First of all, the essence is somewhat the same. There is a small chin at the front of the cylindrical lamp that grips the top of the monitor. In addition, there's some sort of weight on the back that creates gravity, and it's powered via a USB-A port (yes, USB-A). There's no command module included, which is slightly disappointing, but the touch-based controls on the device itself are relatively intuitive and it's nice not to have to use software.

In classic Razer style, it's hard to complain about the production quality. It feels premium, responsive and well put together, and the power output of between 2700 and 6500k is powerful enough to create a fairly distinct light. Again, you can adjust the temperature, which is an absolute must.

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Okay, so what can it do that ScreenBar Halo can't? Well, instead of the small LED on the back of the ScreenBar Halo projecting a calm, warm light on the wall behind the desk, the entire back of the cylinder is covered in RGB. This means that in addition to framing what you're doing on the screen itself, you can design and project cascades of light from your Aether Monitor Light Bar that can make quite a difference to the effect of your overall RGB setup.

Razer Aether Monitor Light Bar

You can run through various effects via the touch panel, but of course it's far more convenient to integrate it into a Synapse software setup from your computer, and it's easy to see how RGB fanatics can easily fall for a lamp that both throws down calm light and contributes to a wild light fest at the same time.

It supports Matter, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and is also relatively easy to customise via Razer's Game Room App, which works on both iOS and Android, so functionality, dexterity and versatility are relatively high. The only thing is the price. It's priced at $129.99 in the US, which seems a lot cheaper than $150 you'll need to pay for the ScreenBar Halo, for example, but you can also get a Yeelight Smart Bar Pro, which does the same thing and supports various smart home services, for less than both at the time of writing. What will be the final introductory price of Razer's product here? It's hard to say, but hopefully it won't be too expensive.

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