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Planet Zoo's new update has over 400 fixes and tweaks

The sizeable update is available right now and hosts a lot of helpful new additions and fixes for your zoo.

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Digital zookeepers can now jump back into Planet Zoo to experience a plethora of new features, tweaks, and fixes thanks to a new update known as 1.0.3. There are over 400 of them, including quite a few significant features that ought to improve your zoo.

The most significant ones are the sandbox additions, which have a bunch of new and interesting options like preventing your animals from dying of old age, tending to their welfare needs, handling fence degradation, making your guests as happy as possible, and dealing with your potentially annoyed and tired staff through happiness and energy degradation.

There's also a new guest limit setting in the sandbox and challenge mode too, to stop your zoo being filled mostly with humans.

Elsewhere, a few bugs have been squashed like animation errors, audio, and UI faults, not to mention animals still being dehydrated whilst swimming and protestors and guests not running away from escaped animals, which means we can finally and deliberately release our man-eating tiger whenever they get a little too loud.

The full list of patch notes for the update can be found here. Do you think there's more than enough here to keep you playing?

Planet Zoo

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