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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

PES 2015 currently 1080p on PS4 and 720p Xbox One

Konami tells fans to "stay tuned".

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While both new-gen version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will run at a silky smooth 60fps, it appears that the PS4 version will render at 1080p, while Xbox One football fans will have to make do with 720p.

The information came via the game's Japanese listing. That post has since been removed, but CVG grabbed the image (below) before it was pulled.

In response to the reveal, PES European product manager, Adam Bhatti, Tweeted that: "Hopefully websites keen to report 720p Xbox One issue pick this up: Image circulating has been taken down. Communicating with MS. Stay tuned."

Does that mean that mean that they're currently trying to squeeze more out the Xbox One, with a view to bringing it inline with PS4? Time will tell, as PES 2015 is due to launch on November 13.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

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