Pentiment is getting the vinyl treatment

And the soundtrack is now available on various streaming services.

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Pentiment was one of the biggest surprises of 2022, offering a medieval adventure with both great writing and a truly original concept. Another highlight of this title was the music, which provided an authentic historic touch of 16th century Europe. If you want to listen to it, the soundtrack has now been released for streaming services like Spotify.

But there are other good news as well. As reported on Xbox Wire, the soundtrack will also be launched on vinyl during next year. The album cover art is described like this:

"Taking the commitment to authenticity one step further, the soundtrack features album cover art by painter Benjamin Vierling, who uses a renaissance-inspired Mischtechnik, alternating layers of oil paint and egg tempera. The artwork is a portrait of Andreas Maler that is packed with symbolic elements from the game. Using traditional techniques, it took over 20 months to complete. For full thematic resonance, Benjamin even included a pentiment of the Mithraic tauroctony under the winged bull of St. Luke."

Sounds like something for your collection, perhaps? Check out the stunning package and vinyl below.


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