Payday 2

Payday 2 and John Wick are the recent Humble Bundle's stars

There's a pretty random mix of stuff.

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The latest Humble Bundle, called Starbreeze Bundle Presents John Wick, has an odd mix of stuff in it, but nevertheless there are of course good deals.

For example, paying the lowest tier of one US dollars (roughly £0.79) gets you Payday 2, the Bomb Heists DLC, the John Wick weapon pack DLC, and the Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks. Paying $6, though, which is roughly £4.77, gets you Payday 2's Game of the Year edition, as well as Electarodent, Titan, E3 2016, Orc, and Crossbreed masks.

If you go even further and pay $14 (about £11.14), Dead by Daylight will also get thrown in, and paying $25 (roughly £19.89) will pre-order the John Wick Chronicles for HTC Vive. Unfortunately not available in the UK at least, the last tier costs $45 (about £35.81) and gives a copy of John Wick, the film, and tickets to the sequel.

Did you like the film, and do you think this is an appropriate bundle to accompany it?

Payday 2

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