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Path of Exile

Path of Exile's melee combat getting rebalanced in major ways

Grinding Gear Games explained that they want to address concerns the melee feels "clunky", hence many experimental changes.

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Grinding Gear Games has revealed some of their plans to change melee combat in Path of Exile with the 3.7.0 expansion to the RPG, rebalancing melee skills in an effort that's a lot larger in scope than first indicated, as the blog post explains.

The Synthesis update has already rebalanced spellcasting, and now Grinding Gear Games wants to address the "clunky" melee combat. Experimental changes are being applied to the animation system as a part of 3.7.0, coming in June, which the studio says "should help resolve these concerns and really tighten up the feel of melee combat."

Other tweaks are also coming, again experimental, applying to accuracy, melee splash, leech, fortify, Ascendancy classes, passive tree, hit and miss feedback, melee base types, movement skills, and melee damage availability on items.

"This post has been intentionally light on specific details because all of the above potential changes are ongoing experiments that evolve as we try new stuff. We'll post more information in the news over the coming weeks (with the majority of it after 3.7.0's announcement in May). We are very excited about these changes and look forward to sharing more information with you," Grinding Gear Games adds.

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Path of Exile

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