Path of Exile

Path of Exile's expansion adds six acts to the game

The Fall of Oriath looks pretty sizeable.

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Path of Exile is a free-to-play action-RPG, and developer Grinding Gear Games has announced a big, big expansion called The Fall of Oriath, adding one whole new act, and also five remixed acts as well. The Fall of Oriath will conclude the game's main campaign while adding some new areas, items, and enemies. Oh, and be prepared to face 24 new bosses as well.

The expansion will also feature a so-called Pantheon system, which means offering defensive buffs that are unlocked by killing gods. Other tweaks and changes for balancing the game are also coming.

The Fall of Oriath is due to release later this year. Stay tuned to Gamereactor for more info, but for now take a look at the trailer down below. What's your preference in terms of expansions - big, infrequent ones with lots of content, or lots of little ones with less in each?

Path of Exile

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