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Path of Exile getting another four expansions in 2020

Grinding Gear Games is producing a lot of content this year, including work on 4.0.0, mobile versions, and more.

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Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has revealed that they have a lot of plans for 2020, with four expansions arriving on a quarterly schedule, starting with 3.10.0, likely to be announced in late February.

The timing of these expansions may be a little different from last year's schedule, and development on 4.0.0 is continuing alongside this, including content not show during the ExileCon Act One demo.

New content and features are likely to be shown in the middle of the year, with more information promised in the future, and the window of "late 2020" for a public beta is still tentatively stated, depending "a lot on how much we're able to scale up the team this year to finish the remaining acts and new systems".

The console team is also being expanded this year, allowing for quicker development of features for those on console, and the mobile project is being worked on as well, adding Android support and expanding the vertical slice into a complete project.

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Path of Exile

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