Palworld is getting new Pals and a new island this summer

It seems like Pocket Pair are gearing up for tons of content in the near future.

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Palworld received a lot of attention during Monday night's ID@Xbox Showcase, with an upcoming summer update offering several surprises. This includes both a new area to explore with clear Japan inspiration as well as four new Pals... and a flamethrower.

Perhaps most exciting are our four new Pals, which at the time of writing have no names, but include a karate-clad frog (with a black belt!), a distinctly turkey-inspired creature, a dog-like character with seemingly magical powers, and a charming dinosaur with a Super Mario-looking mushroom on its head.

Check it all out in the video below. We don't have a date, but at least now we know there's more stuff coming (and we also have the upcoming 3v3 add-on we previously reported on).


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