Palworld fans can look forward to "long awaited features" at Summer Game Fest

Pocket Pair is one of the confirmed companies that will be at Summer Game Fest and it seems like the fans might be in for a treat.

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One of the companies confirmed to participate in the possibly biggest gaming event of the summer, Summer Game Fest, is Pocket Pair. Their Palworld was the first massive success of the year, reaching incredible figures both in game sales and the number of concurrent gamers.

However, the hype died off two months later, as the game is after all only Early Access and thus does not have all the content yet. But more is on the way, and apparently they have quite substantial things to show at Summer Game Fest. The studio writes on X that we can look forward to "a LOT of exciting things" and this apparently includes "some long awaited features".

It was recently confirmed that a new area and new Pals are coming to the game, and we also know that a 3v3 game mode is being worked on. We assume this is something we will see more of next month, and hopefully some other surprises as well.


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