Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's next Mythic skin turns Kiriko into a Japanese deity

It'll arrive with Season 3 on February 7.

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We've been covering the run up to Overwatch 2's third season for some time now, and have looked at what Blizzard intends to do to improve the matchmaking and competitive side of the game, as well as the economy and ways for players to earn new cosmetics.

But, with the new season arriving on February 7, Blizzard has now shared a look at what the next Mythic skin will be - with this available as a final reward on the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Following up to Season 2 turning Junker Queen into Zeus, Season 3 will turn Kiriko into the Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu. Judging by the short trailer that was shared on Twitter, this will allow players to change the colour scheme of the skin's armour, and will allow players to play around with the tattoos/make-up that the skin features.

Will you be looking to unlock Amaterasu Kiriko when it arrives on February 7?

Overwatch 2

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