Total War: Warhammer II

Orcs battle elves in the next Total War: Warhammer II DLC

Total War: Warhammer II DLC The Warden & the Paunch is set to release two weeks from now.

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The high-fantasy strategy game Total War: Warhammer II will get another DLC in two weeks. In "The Warden & The Paunch", the Greenskins invade the home of the High Elves to fight for the future of the Kingdom of Yvresse. There will be one legendary commander for each faction: Grom the Paunch represents the Greenskins and he penetrates the paradise of Ulthuan to face off Prince Eltharion on his mighty griffin. Players can look forward to finding new hero units (Archmages and Troll Witches) and a few more ground troops as well (idols, phoenixes and war lions) for the price of £6,99.

As usual, the paid DLC is accompanied by a free update. The dragon lord Prince Imrik of Caledor wants to help the elves in their defence of Ulthuan and for his heroism, he will be available to all players as a legendary commander as soon as the update "Old World" for Total War: Warhammer II is released on May 21. The most obvious change here is the new functionality of the Greenskins' Waaagh mechanic, but there are many more things to note. If you are interested in more details, read everything else over here.

Total War: Warhammer IITotal War: Warhammer II
Total War: Warhammer IITotal War: Warhammer IITotal War: Warhammer II

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