Nvidia founder Jensen Huang showed the future of PC with AI at Keynote

They showed their collaborative projects with Windows, different tools for content creators and their AI assistant, among others.

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Recently, the Keynote event was held at Computex. It was a presentation by Nvidia in which its CEO and founder, Jensen Huang, explained the CPU manufacturer's near future in reference to PCs with artificial intelligence.

First, they gave more details of Project G-Assist, their RTX-accelerated AI assistant. This is tasked with providing context on video games and PC applications and is intended to do nothing more than make it easier for the gamer, working with both voice and text prompts. Subsequently, they announced the launch of ACE on GeForce RTX AI PCs. These are "digital humans" that redefine interaction with games and computers, giving them emotions and facial expressions to further blur the line between human and machine.

In addition, they said that Windows and Nvidia have collaborated to enable developers to introduce AI capabilities into their applications. In fact, they confirmed that Windows Copilot Rutine will add RTX acceleration for local PC SLMs. Next up, they gave space to new notebooks, showing off ASUS and MSI notebooks with GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs and trailers for Star Wars Outlaws and Marvel Rivals, powered by DLSS 3.

They also wanted to give a little nod to content creators and also showed off their AI projects for them. In fact, they said they are working on applications for creators and modders that will try to integrate AI tools. They even unveiled the RTX AI Toolkit, a system that enables a comprehensive workflow for customisation, implementation and optimisation of AI models.

Finally, they said that the Nvidia App beta was getting an update on June 4th and will include three months of free PC Game Pass. They also showed different monitors that support G-SYNC, a tool that makes titles smoother, with partnerships with Asus, Lenovo, LG and Philips.

Nvidia founder Jensen Huang showed the future of PC with AI at Keynote

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