Nobody Wants to Die

Nobody Wants to Die announced and to be released this year

The sci-fi title is coming from Critical Hit Games and is set in the year 2329.

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Described by developers Critical Hit Games as a "noir-inspired cyberpunk game", Nobody Wants to Die will be released later this year for PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5.

The story is set in New York City in 2329, where people have eternal life by storing their consciousness in large memory banks, which can then be transferred to another human being if you can afford to pay the subscription price.

You take on the role of James Karra, who works at the Mortality Department investigating a mass murderer targeting the city's wealthiest residents - and as a player, you use Karra's ability to manipulate time to investigate crime scenes and uncover clues that can reveal the truth behind these murders.

Nobody Wants to Die is being developed with Unreal Engine 5 and will be released in 2024, what do you think about the premise of the story?

Nobody Wants to Die

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