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Torchlight II

No Torchlight II on XBLA

It's just too big a game says Runic.

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Last week at Gamescom Runic Games showed off Torchlight II, the multiplayer infused sequel to the very popular dungeon crawler first released on PC back in 2009 and on XBLA earlier this year. Torchlight II is targeted for release this fall or early winter for $20-$30, but we won't see the game ported to Xbox Live Arcade, at least not according to Runic Games founder Max Schaefer.

"We honestly don't know what we're doing after Torchlight II. We're talking to Microsoft and we might do an Xbox port, or we could do an expansion for PC, or perhaps the Torchlight MMO we've been wanting to do for a long time. What we do know is that the game is far too big for Xbox Live Arcade, so an Xbox version would have to be retail," Max Schaefer told press at Gamescom.

Torchlight II will support co-operative play for up to six or eight players (not nailed down), and players will get all the tools along with the game to facilitate modding. Schaefer was also quick to point out you will be able to play the game without an internet connection (unlike Diablo III) and as the game runs on the same engine it will run perfectly on the same low spec netbooks and laptops as the first game.

Torchlight II

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