No More Heroes

No More Heroes 1 for Nintendo Switch shows up in Asia

After Suda51 tells Gamereactor "I'll see what I can do", the game is finally rated in Taiwan.

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"Who's to say it wouldn't happen", Goichi "Suda51" Suda told us during the video interview above when asked about No More Heroes 1&2 potentially releasing on the Nintendo Switch. "Marvelous is here at E3 as well and we've got a meeting with them so I'm definitely bringing that up and [I will see what I can do". Today it seems like that meeting is at last going to bear some fruit as the original NMH just showed up at Taiwan's classification board (via Gematsu), with Nintendo Switch listed as platform and, effectively, Marvelous as publisher.

The official description, before we get a more precise translation by our mates at Gamereactor China, talks about Sylvia Christel "looking like Scarlett Johansson and having a great smell", which undoubtedly references Suda Goichi's original inspirations.

With the first No More Heroes, which released on the Wii in 2007, Grasshopper Manufacture continued their Nintendo-platform predilection with an action and personality-packed game that put the system's unique motion controls to good use and that soon became a cult classic thanks to the protagonist's charisma. Travis Touchdown had to fight his way through a semi-open world to finally encounter the several bosses - the highlights of the game - that marked the tiers of the world's assassin ranking that he was trying to climb.

After a sequel for the Wii and a recent spin-off (Travis Strikes Again on the Switch), the third entry in the series is coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusively, so releasing NMH 1&2 on the hybrid platform sounds as logical as it is strongly requested by fans.

Now the question is, when will NMH release on the hybrid console?

No More Heroes

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