Nintendo breaks European records

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Nintendo are not quite done boasting about their incredible 2008 and this time Nintendo Europe have released some insane numbers.

Nintendo DS became had the best year ever of any gaming console (handheld or stationary) ever in Europe with 11.2 million units sold - and a total 31 million sold in Europe in total.

Meanwhile Wii became the best selling annual home console in recorded history with 8.3 million units sold (58% increase compated to 2007) - and a total of 14.2 million units sold.

Attached is a "happy quote" from the press release:

"The sales trend on both Wii and Nintendo DS, hardware and software during 2008 shows that more and more people in Europe are enjoying video games as part of their daily lives. This proves that Nintendo's wish to expand the gaming population has strong potential in Europe," said Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing & PR, Nintendo of Europe.

Nintendo breaks European records

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