Next PlayTV patch will cost you

Playstation Plus members must fork out too

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The next update to Sony's PlayTV service will be paid for, Sony has announced. The device, which allows you to watch, schedule and record digital TV on the PS3, has previously received a number of free updates.

"The guys at Cambridge put a great deal of effort into this update," wrote PSN's product manager James Thorpe, "and unlike the previous free updates, we will be charging a reasonable amount for the new features. PlayStation Plus members are very important to us and we are looking into providing you guys extra value for PlayTV. We'll keep you posted on this.

The update is due later this year, and adds the ability to chat with friends while watching live TV, schedule recordings up to a week in advance, series link your favourite shows, and take a look at what your friends are watching.

"If you are not keen on the new features," adds Thorpe, "then you do not have to buy the update ... we are not charging people to watch TV."

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