Papers, Please

Next game from Papers, Please creator to be different and free

Pope on ports and the future. Plus, Arstotzka now playable in Civilization V.

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We attended a recent Q&A session with independent developer Lucas Pope, during which were able to uncover a few interesting facts about last year's superb indie title, Papers, Please.

First up is the news that Pope's next title will be a completely different game, and a much shorter one. The indie developer didn't expect his last game to sell so well ("just a couple of copies"), and so he now feels he needs to "compensate" the players, so his next game will be free.

Papers, Please

When asked about console ports, he replied "it would come to iPad, not iPhone, first", as he doesn't see gamepad controls working with his mouse-based design. No word on Wii U, 3DS or Vita, however.

But whatever happens, it won't be happening soon, as Pope confessed that he's "pretty tired of PP" and will start other projects first.

As an interesting aside that emerged today, fans of Papers, Please and Civilization V will be delighted to hear that a new mod released on the Steam Workshop allows the player to control the fictional state that stars in Pope's game. Glory to Arstotzka.

Papers, PleasePapers, Please

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