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Star Wars Battlefront II

EA "can't afford" mistakes as with Star Wars Battlefront II

EA will not make the same mistakes with Anthem and the new Battlefield.

Electronic Arts' new chief design officer, former EA executive and DICE boss Patrick Söderlund, says the company has learned from the controversy that engulfed the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, and explained that future games like Anthem and Battlefield won't be subject to the same mistakes.

"I'd be lying to you if I said that what's happened with Battlefront and what's happened with everything surrounding loot boxes and these things haven't had an effect on EA as a company and an effect on us as management", Söderlund told The Verge. "We can shy away from it and pretend like it didn't happen, or we can act responsibly and realize that we made some mistakes, and try to rectify those mistakes and learn from them."

"We had the intent that was designed for us to have more people play it over a longer period of time," Söderlund continues. "And like a lot of other games on the market, to be able to afford to do that we had an idea of getting returns from that. But at the same time, we got it wrong. [...] For games that come next, for Battlefield or for Anthem, [players] made it very clear that we can't afford to make similar mistakes. And we won't."

Next week microtransactions return in Star Wars Battlefront II with the Night of Endor update, which also adds Ewoks to the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II