Might & Magic: Heroes VI

New Humble Bundle is full of mighty magic and heroes

Look no further for a bunch of RPGs and strategy titles.

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The new Humble Bundle offers a pretty sweet deal to all who enjoy rpg's or strategy games with fantasy-theme. This time it's focused on the Might & Magic franchise, and you can pick up Heroes II, Heroes IV and Might & Magic 1-6 for whatever price you want. Beating the average, which is currently just under 12 dollars will get you Heroes V, Heroes VI, Clash of Heroes and Dark Messiah. If you want it all, then you can dish out at least 15 dollars and get also the remastered Heroes III, Might and Magic X Legacy, starter pack for Duel of Champions, and the Shades of Darkness -add on for Heroes VI. More games will be added to the "beat the average price"-category at a later date.

It is also notable that the charities this time includes the American Red Cross and any donations towards that cause will go to aiding the earthquake victims in Nepal. So if you've been looking for a way to help out and enjoy Might & Magic this is certainly a win-win scenario.

Go check the full contents from the Humble Bundle's webpage.

Might & Magic: Heroes VI

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