Neverwinter: Elemental Evil available now on Xbox One

Four expansions all bundled up in one update.

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Free-to-play (though it does require Xbox Live Gold) MMORPG Neverwinter has received a substantial amount of new DLC today on Xbox One. The publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced today via press release that all four free expansions for Neverwinter are now available on Xbox One. These include Elemental Evil, Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle and Curse of Icewind Dale.

The newest of the four Elemental Evil also increases level cap, adds a new playable class (The Oathbound Paladin) and new adventure zones. According to the press release the full list additions include:

- Level cap increase from 60 to 70
- Oathbound Paladin playable class with two paragon paths - Oath of Devotion and Oath of Protection
- Eight new adventure zones
- Open world player versus player combat in iconic Icewind Dale
- Four endgame campaigns taking players to areas including Sharandar and Dread Ring
- Two dungeons where adventurers fight against King Malabog and Valindra Shadowmantle
- Minsc & Boo join adventurers in the fight against the Cults of Elemental Evil
- Three new epic skirmishes
- Increase in companion quality cap from epic to legendary
- Maximum level increase for all professions</i>


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