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Underworld Ascendant

Neurath: "There's no right way to play" Underworld Ascendant

"We reward you for coming up with solutions that other players haven't found yet."

OtherSide Entertainment was finally ready to show off Underworld Ascendant this month, both at PAX East in Boston where the below interview was filmed, and at 505's Italian offices where we played the demo written about here.

During our trip to Boston we had the chance to try a short demo before talking to OtherSide's Paul Neurath, who had plenty to tell us about the studio's efforts to revitalise this classic IP.

"There's no right way to play it," Neurath told us in Boston. "We encourage players to be creative and come up with whatever works. It's not a game where we reward you for killing as many creatures as you can in as little time as you can. Efficiency's not really... we don't look at that at all. In fact, we reward you for coming up with solutions that other players haven't found yet. So the more innovative, the more out of the box you get, the bigger reward you get."

The studio also wants players to come back and replay sections of the game, as "things are constantly evolving", whether that be through environmental changes or new, more dangerous creatures emerging from the depths. "Because there are so many different ways solve [a challenge] the first time through, maybe you used the stealth approach, next time through maybe you'll fight everything. Next time through, whatever you want to try you can try things out, and we want to encourage that."

Check out the full interview below for more on the studio's efforts to reboot this classic series, including their approach to the story, progression, and their tentative launch plans.

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