Napoleon: Total War

Napoleon: Total War DLC

Two new packs made available.

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Sega and Creative Assembly today unleashed two new DLC packs for Napoleon: Total War.

The Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars unit pack and the Imperial Eagle Pack are both available to download on Steam for £1.99.


Heroes of the Napoleonic Campaign contains 10 units, including "the veteran cavalrymen of the 15th British Hussars, the close-combat specialists of the 1st East Prussian Grenadier Battalion, and the deadly Moscow Musketeers, capable of unleashing massed volleys of fire before performing devastating bayonet charges."

The Imperial Eagle Pack contains content previously only available with the original boxed release. 11 units are included: "Austria's heavily-armoured Archduke Ferdinand Cuirassiers, and Russia's elite Lifeguard Cossacks, who specialise in lightning-fast hit-and-run cavalry charges."

Napoleon: Total War

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