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Moving Out

Moving Out is set to release in April

The hilariously whacky co-op moving simulator Moving Out is set to release late April of 2020.

SMG Studio and Devm Games' whacky co-op party game Moving out will be moving out of its development stage and into its full release on April 28 for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One. In a press release, publisher Team17 let us in on some details regarding the game's features and what we assumed would be a heap of intense fun is turning out to be just that.

In Moving Out, you, and up to three of your friends come together to move stuff and things out of every house in the town of Packmore as its inhabitants apparently all want to move. You and your friends work for Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technicians, or 'F.A.R.T.s' for short, and if you're up for the job, it's yours.

The game will let you customise your characters, letting you don everything from 'hijabs to glasses and wheelchairs' to make your real-life (or fantasy) identity shine through on screen. The game also offers various accessibility features like increased time limits, dyslexia-friendly text, key rebinding on PC, user interface customisation and the option to skip levels altogether.

Check out the trailer for this delightful game and read more about the features here.

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