Payday 2

More Payday 2 McShay weapons have arrived

The second DLC pack has launched in the heisting game.

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The second McShay Weapon Pack has officially arrived in Payday 2, and this DLC, like its predecessor, has added a revolver, a shotgun, and a special weapon, with these being the Kahn .357, the VD-12, and the Hailstorm Mk 5, respectively. Each weapon in the pack also has an alternative style, meaning you can still flaunt your stuff while robbing in-game.

The pack itself is available to purchase for $3.99, but also comes as part of the Lost in Transit Bundle, of which this is the third part. That bundle comes in at $9.99, and also includes the previously released High Octane Tailor Pack and the Tijuana Music Pack, as well as the upcoming Lost in Transit heist, which will make its debut on October 19.

As well as the McShay Weapon Pack 2, a few free additions have been added to Payday 2, with those being a couple of weapon charms and also the new Tombstone Slugs weapon ammo type. These do less damage when up close and personal, but feature the same poison damage as Viper grenades, and will make it harder for enemies to fight back against you.

Payday 2

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