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God of Rock
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Modus wants God of Rock to look like "a Las Vegas laser light show"

We spoke with the developer behind the title to learn all about the rhythm-fighting game.

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During our time at Gamescom this year, we visited the Modus booth to check out a variety of games that the publisher is representing. One of which was the Modus Studios-developed title God of Rock, a "rhythm game-fighting game mash-up" as the developer's EVP of production, Derek Neal told us in an interview, before also delving into the design philosophy of the title.

"We've designed it to have a low skill floor to be able to join and be able to start playing, but a very high skill ceiling," said Neal. "The track gets crazier and crazier as you go up and it consistently starts building up tracks that are difficult even for experienced players to be able to get to. If you're really good, you'll create a spectacle. Our vision for it is a Las Vegas laser light show. That's what we want it to look like. But, then when you're actually playing it, you can take it piecemeal, you can take it one piece at a time, until you can get to the point where you are doing the same crazy things as you're seeing other people be able to do."

As for how the gameplay actually works, Neal also gave us an idea of that, saying, "It is a rhythm game-fighting game mash-up. So, you follow the beat like you would in Guitar Hero or games like that, but you can also do special moves, normal attacks, super moves, EX moves, things like that to attack your opponent. Your opponent has to defensively try and block them, they can reversal those attacks, they have lots of different ways to interact with you, and then every character also has unique ways to interact with the rhythm elements. They can speed up your track, slow it down, obscure it with spray paint and graffiti, all sorts of things like that."

You can watch the full interview with Neal below, to learn more about God of Rock, including how its different characters play and what post-launch might look like for the title.

God of Rock

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