Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light DLC released

Final content pack launched today.

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Deep Silver and 4A Games today released the fourth and final content pack for Metro: Last Light, Chronicles Pack.

The new DLC features three new story-driven missions, each focussing on the backstory of the one of the characters from the game (see the description below). The pack also includes an interesting fan-designed addition, the Multi-Barreled Bicycle Shotgun, and will set you back £3.99 (alternatively you can pick it up as part of the Season Pass, which will give you three other content drops at a slightly reduced price).

Andrew Prokhorov, Creative Director at 4A Games, said: "We think the Chronicles Pack will be the fans' favourite as it contains three unique story-based missions featuring some of the game's best-loved characters."

Discover how Anna, the unflinching Polis Sniper, tried and failed to rescue Artyom from the Reich forces in the ruined botanical gardens. Put the irrepressible Pavel's deadly skills and ingenuity to the test as he attempts to escape the Bandit Lair beneath Venice. And guide Khan and Ulman through the forgotten, haunted tunnels of Polyanka in a chilling supernatural tale that reveals a dark secret from Khan's mysterious past...

Metro: Last Light
Metro: Last LightMetro: Last Light
Metro: Last LightMetro: Last Light

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