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Screens for Hostage Negotiation Pack.

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Rockstar has revealed details surrounding the next DLC pack for Max Payne 3. The Hostage Negotiation Pack will be available in the coming weeks, and will cost £7.99 on PS3 and Windows PC, and will cost 800 MS Points on Xbox 360 (if you've got a Rockstar Pass then you've already paid).

Max Payne 3

There'll be four new maps in the pack. Club Moderno and Estádio Do Galatians are designed to be "reminiscent of Max's earlier dust-ups," with detailed night club and stadium environments promised. O Palácio Strip Club and Favela Heights, meanwhile, will be distinctive favela territories.

New items will include the Bomb Suit (protection against explosive damage), Explosive Burst (booby traps) and the Intimidation Mask (increases enemy reload times).

Max Payne 3
Max Payne 3

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