Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals preview contract asked players to not make negative statements

A non-disparagement clause was quickly found and NetEase has since walked back on it.

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It's not a good sign when the upcoming Overwatch-like Marvel Rivals has already got in hot water for asking its players and content creators not to talk about the game in a negative light. In the terms of service players got in their preview build, they could find the following clause:

"Non-Disparagement: The Content Creator agrees not to make any public statements or engage in discussions that are detrimental to the reputation of the game. This includes, but is not limited to:

a. Making disparaging or satirical comments about any game-related material, such as game features, characters, or music.

b. Engaging in malicious comparisons with competitors or belittling the gameplay or differences of "Marvel Rivals" or providing subjective negative reviews of the game."

Apparently even satire will get you in hot water. After this was publicly exposed by streamer Seagull, NetEase has since walked back on the clause, issuing the following apology (thanks, PCGamesN).

"We are aware that there are inappropriate and misleading terms in the commitment regarding sharing non-disparagement content. We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication and your unpleasant experiences!"

Marvel Rivals

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