Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series, Venom and Adam Warlock revealed as playable characters

And a beta is being hosted this July.

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During the State of Play broadcast, Marvel Rivals made an appearance. The upcoming 6v6 team-based PvP shooter featured in a short segment where it confirmed that it would be coming to PS5 (and Xbox Series X/S) and that a couple of additional fighters will be joining the cast come launch.

We're told that Venom and Adam Warlock will be available to play as. As for what makes these characters special, the PlayStation Blog post about the announcement adds states:

"Choose Venom to tap into the power of the symbiote and devour your enemies or pick Adam Warlock and unleash the potential of quantum magic, establishing a soul bond with your teammates to charge ahead or resurrect your entire team."

On top of revealing that a closed beta test will be taking place in July on PlayStation 5, it was also confirmed that players on the platform will be eligible to get the Scarlet Spider skin for Spider-Man, which will be exclusive to PS5.

Marvel Rivals

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