Mad Catz Arcade Fight Stick Tournament Edition 2

We've taken to testing the most hardcore, expensive and largest arcade stick for Xbox One in preparation for Dead or Alive: Last Round and Mortal Kombat X.

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Buying an arcade stick for Xbox One may not feel like it's overly justified given that there is really only one title released that benefits from it. On the other hand, it's a fairly good game - Killer Instinct. But there's more coming with great fighting games coming up like Mortal Kombat X and Dead or Alive 5: The Last Round just around the corner, and later this year Tekken 7 will be released.

And even if Xbox One won't be getting Street Fighter V there's more fighting games in the pipeline. Perhaps you should consider this stick an investment for the future rather than something that's needed right now. Mad Catz produced our favourite sticks during the previous generation and therefore it's easy enough to get to grips with their Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2. A stick that comes in a box bigger than the console itself. A great first impressive of the massive piece that comes equipped with buttons and sticks of quality Japanese Sanwa-cut.

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2

Due to weight and size, it is totally non-slippery against the ground and to really test the stability a little bit extra I was being tougher than usual on purpose during the first matches. No problems whatsoever, it happily accepts a nasty blow with my fist after an unfair match and being extra careless with the sticks reveals no flaws. A solid piece of hardware. Additionally the bottom is covered with soft foam material in order to be able to have it in your lap, some people prefer to play fighting games this way.

Mad Catz have also thought of how to make it easier for modders who want to customise their arcade stick to get the most out of it, and a hatch-like device allows you to quickly access the guts. It even comes complete with a screwdriver for even easier access. In addition, in the spacious area in the trunk you find compartments for tools and the like for those who really know what they are doing and has the extra needs and demands for their arcade stick.

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Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2

With the screwdriver, you can also easily remove the cover and personalise your arcade joystick even more with optional artwork. In fact, the Mad Catz offers a number of designs on their webpage that you can download and use. A very nice touch with good quality pictures. Plus points also because you can stow away the cord easily, great for travelling or when the fighting stick is stowed away.

Although I know that most people who are willing to invest in a substantial arcade joystick aren't really interested in additional features apart from the basics, it may be of interest to know what is included, and one thing is sure to be extra appreciated. There is a slider to turn off the buttons that can be used to pause the game. Thus you avoid risking unintentional breaks and spoiled rounds because of an annoying phenomenon I think many gamers recognise from tense moments in competitive matches.

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2
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To summarise, the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 is just as good as I had hoped. The Vewlix-placed buttons are incredibly distinct and rapid (Sanwa OBSF-30) and the joystick itself emits the distinct maracas sound that acts as sweet music for all arcade lovers. It's a shame there aren't more games to enjoy it with, but you can hardly blame the stick for this and the only flaw here is the hefty price tag. But sometimes you have to pay the price for excellence...

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9 / 10
Quality build, Responsive buttons, Precise stick, Smart features, Nice weight, Appropriate storage, Easily modified, Works with PC.
On the expensive side, Lack of Xbox One titles to use it with.
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