Logitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed

Logitech has come up with the esports community's new dream keyboard.

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I really like full-sized, traditional keyboards with plenty of space. I have always liked what we now call "Full size" and I will always prefer that size. My desk is 210x120cm, I have plenty of space and I really never want to be without the "numpad" part of my collection of keys just as I don't feel any real need for there to be absolutely no "dead space" in the form of edges and frames, around the edge of the keys themselves. So, the Logitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed is a keyboard that I would usually not choose to buy.

Logitech Pro X 60 LightspeedLogitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed
White or black. Black or white.

I don't really understand the point of them beyond the fact that there are certainly a few gamers out there who have smaller hands or less desk space that this type of microboard is an absolute must.

The Pro X 60 stands for 60%, which means that this keyboard is 40% smaller than a full sized device with an attached numpad. It houses 62 keys instead of the 104 that I have on my Roccat keyboard and Logitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed costs a juicy £180, which is almost obscenely expensive for such a small gadget with so few keys. However, it is very good, it should be said. The keys are of the highest quality and over the past few days I've used this mainly in our sim-rig where it actually fulfils a function, as the attached steel arm with associated keyboard plate (which is mounted on the side of the rig itself) has clearly more limited space than my office desk.

Logitech Pro X 60 LightspeedLogitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed
A very small, very expensive and very good tiny device ideal for the tiny gamer out there.
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The Logitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed measures 290x103x39 millimetres, weighs only 620 grams and houses Logitech's GX Optical mechanical switches, which are as the name suggests, optical. These are the first optical "switches" that Logitech has ever made and it's clear that they've nailed it. The precision is incredibly good and there is a "lightness" in the click itself here that I really, really appreciate. The focus has also been on giving me as a user the ability to customise every little function for each key and although I have no direct use for this, it is of course well worth mentioning that each individual key can be assigned up to five different functions through seamless remapping.

On the side of the keys, there are buttons for volume control and quick direct activation of "Game mode" and on the inside a battery that lasts about 60-65 hours per charge. The Lightspeed technology is (as the name suggests) included and the G Hub software works just as smoothly as usual and is on the whole the best of all these different control programmes from manufacturers such as Razer, SteelSeries, Roccat, Asus and others.

Logitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed
The G series from Logitech offers quality - through and through, and their DD steering wheel base and headphones are some of our favourite gadgets here at Gamereactor.

So, while the Logitech Pro X 60 Lightspeed has many great features, it is also far too expensive, and lacks a few intuitive additions, such as a volume knob on the side that should be able to mute all sound from the game when I click the button itself. But all in all, this is a perfectly good gadget that is no doubt ideal for gamers who like to compete in tournaments and need a more portable system.

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