Dead by Daylight

Left 4 Dead's Bill joins the Dead by Daylight roster on console

The badass, cynical war veteran from Valve's Left 4 Dead franchise finally joins Dead by Daylight on console.

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Valve's classic zombie shooter/slasher series Left 4 Dead had plenty of interesting and memorable characters in its roster and one of the fan favorites was William "Bill" Overbeck. Bill joined the squad of survivors in Dead by Daylight on PC in March of 2017 and has been a popular character to pick in the game since then. Console players, however, have been begging for the addition of Bill for over two years and now, he's finally being added to the game on console as part of the mid-chapter update.

Developer Behaviour Interactive revealed this just recently and stated the following on Twitter: "He's not left behind; Bill is coming to consoles with the mid-chapter update! #DeadbyDaylight", with "left behind" being a reference to the Left 4 Dead 2 chapter as well as the DLC in which Bill was introduced to Dead by Daylight.

Will you be playing as Bill?

Dead by Daylight

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