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KT Racing on how WRC 9 improves rally car dynamics engine

The Parisian studio talks to Gamereactor about the newly-announced racing game.

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After a three-season license renewal, last month Nacon and KT Racing announced the brand-new WRC 9 rally video game, which will release this year on September 4. Now, in a recent interview with Gamereactor (that will be published in full very soon), the developers shared a bunch of additional details on the project, including some tech talk.

Speaking about engine-side changes and tweaks, the team over at KT Racing explains that "like each WRC game we shipped, we improved our car dynamics engine". The enhancements include, but are not limited to, rewriting aerodynamics from scratch (which "enables better accident, better car movement, and better aero grip") and improving the suspension, "specifically, the shock absorber algorithm, that happened when the suspension is fully compressed".

Besides, pro drivers will find "independent settings for each gear ratio in the autobox when the car is drifting", which allows for a smarter autobox, and all in all, cars will offer improved braking and stability.

Publisher Nacon confirms the game will release on the aforementioned date on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, with the Nintendo Switch (and potentially Xbox Series X and PS5) version releasing at a later date. Before that, however, the team will be able to share details on the new console versions with Gamereactor readers. Stay tuned.


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