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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Konami teases something "interesting" for PES fans at today's El Clásico

It could even relate to the game's future.

Even though FC Barcelona have been proclaimed 2017-18 LaLiga champions already, and other than the controversy surrounding the potential (non) walk of honour offered by Real Madrid players, El Clásico is El Clásico and pretty much every football lover is looking forward to watching it this evening. That naturally includes Pro Evolution Soccer fans, who might also get an additional, juicy incentive, one that might look at the game's future.

"I'd encourage you to watch it," says Brand & Business Development senior director Jonas Lygaard casually in the Gamereactor interview below. "It might be an interesting game in terms of our future as well to watch," he mysteriously adds, before concluding it'll be interesting to follow "in many different ways".

Now the reference to the future of the franchise immediately brings PES 2019 to mind, more so after the supposedly leaked details last week, but given the context of the interview, it could also relate to the PES League or even the partnership with Barça.

The interview mostly revolves around the PES League World Tour 2018 Europe Round finals, which were held yesterday in Berlin. Will you be watching today's match though?

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