Keychron K3 Pro

Keychron generally makes pretty good keyboards, but this one is particularly sublime.

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Keychron are almost the undisputed champions when it comes to fairly price-effective mechanical keyboards that appeal to both gaming enthusiasts, but also to those who want to sit in front of a computer and do some serious work.

For relatively little money, you can get something that just puts the others to shame, and it's been that way for a long time. Sure, most of the time it's cut to the bone to focus on nailing a few essential aspects of the user experience, but what you get is infinitely more refined.

Keychrone K3 Pro

Take the K3 Pro as an example. Here we are dealing with a keyboard that found for as cheap as £86, but which really delivers where it counts. It's 75%, so it's as compact as it can be without sacrificing dedicated arrow keys, which many will undoubtedly appreciate. In addition, we have PBT moulded caps that use Keychron's LSA profile (low profile spherical-angled). Underneath, there are Gateron low-profile switches, available in Red, Blue and Brown, depending on the type of actuation you prefer. No, it's not Cherry, but there's been a bit of an inflation in switches, and on a day-to-day basis, these feel excellent.

There's QMK/VIA support so you can play with commands and macros to your heart's content, it works both wired and wireless for both Windows and Mac with dedicated keys for both platforms that can be easily swapped, you can connect up to three devices at a time, and if you're using cable there's a 1000Hz polling rate.

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Perhaps most importantly, it's incredibly slim. The 75% form factor means it doesn't take up any more space than necessary, but it sits just 22 millimetres above the surface without the dual-stage feet knocked out. There's even some nice RGB lighting for those who love that sort of thing, and even a week later, with it switched on, it hasn't run out of battery.

Keychrone K3 Pro

It just feels brilliant to use, and I can honestly say that I've been using the K3 Pro for a week, every day, for eight hours at a time, pretty much without taking my fingers off the keys. While Keychron could consider making more comfortable accessories, such as better wrist rests, their keyboards are masterful, and the K3 Pro is the most accessible and best engineered model I've tried.

That makes it infinitely easy to recommend, no doubt about it. Whether you just need a no-frills keyboard or want to use either QMK or VIA software to really tinker, the K3 Pro is an excellent choice.

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