Katsuhiro Harada says Tekken X Street Fighter is dead
Tekken X Street Fighter

Katsuhiro Harada says Tekken X Street Fighter is dead

The Tekken producer confirmed the news earlier this month.

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While it should not come as a surprise to anyone, it still feels a little bit sad to see that the long-time Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada now has revealed that Tekken X Street Fighter is in fact dead. It was announced back in 2010 and quickly ran into problems. Even though most gamers probably assumed that it would never be released, it hasn't been declared dead before.

But this is exactly what Harada did in Harada's Bar Radio earlier this month (noticed by HelloMrBrahms on Twitter), where he reveals the game was roughly 30% done when the development stopped. He says he wanted to show it, but added that it later died.

At roughly the same time as Tekken X Street Fighter was announced in 2010 by Bandai Namco, Street Fighter X Tekken was confirmed by Capcom. It launched 2012, while the other ended up in development hell - and now is dead.

Tekken X Street Fighter

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